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updated: 2023-04-09
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There is a dinosaur of a chat called IRC.

It is the first protocol specifically designed for instant messaging that was born about 28 years after the internet. Even though it doesn’t have features like XMPP, a lot of communities are still using IRC like of #suckless, #bitcoin, #monero,….

This IRC Gateway is called and only available for addresses any valid XMPP account. You don’t even need a standard account to use this service. You can use the webchat.

The software serving this service is Biboumi.

» Biboumi «

Developed and maintained by Louiz, I would consider it is complete.

Using this service is very easy. For instance: you would like to join #monero on, the address for this chat hall would be:     

You can also check out detailed documentation from Biboumi.

When you need support, you can join this hall:     

Or contact me.